Investment Property

For established homeowners – especially those who’ve seen their primary residence rise in value – you may want to consider another property for investment purposes. Real estate can be a solid part of a financial portfolio if it’s designed to align with your other investments and your financial goals. 

Before you look at purchasing an investment property, make sure you consider your primary objective- is it to create an ongoing revenue stream by renting it or are you hoping to gain from rising home values?

If you plan to buy an investment property, the mortgage for an investment property is different from a mortgage on your primary residence.

As a mortgage broker, I work for you. I don’t work for any one bank – I work for you! You will have access to over 65 banks, credit unions and trust companies and interest rates the banks don’t want you to know about! Due to the volume of business we provide lenders always offer our team the deepest discounts which are passed on to you immediately – whether you are purchasing, refinancing or renewing.

I will walk you through the process of renewing your mortgage, step by step.